Sunday, October 4, 2009

Julian Beever-awesome!

Julian Beever- The Sidewalk Chalk Guy

Beever was an English chalk artist, based in Belgium, who is famous for his 3D drawings done on the streets. This type of art is known as trompe l'oeil, which means "trick the eye" in French. His drawings appear normal from the side, but from certain angles they appear 3D.

I am aware that Julian is not a photographer, but the photos that he takes with his works, I found to be amazing. Almost as amazing as the process in which he creates them.
He also does acrylic paintings, mural paintings, collages, and a few others. Check out his work, its awesome!
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  1. I really like that, that is some funky sh**. It makes you feel as if your there in 3d damn that man is GOOD!!!